Janice Regi Wrenn

Janice Regi Wrenn

Co-Founder, Vice President

Janice is a co-founder, an officer, and a member of the firm’s board of directors. She earned the Certified Financial Planner™ designation in 1984.

Janice is involved in many of the company’s daily operations. She helps construct financial plans, implement recommendations including investment strategies, and performs portfolio management functions. In addition, Janice handles the firm’s accounting, tax matters, and reporting requirements.

Few individuals in the industry can match Janice’s breadth of knowledge and experience as she has devoted her entire career to financial planning. Prior to forming Wrenn Financial Strategies, Janice developed planning software for a large vendor. Early in her career, she performed research and analysis for two boutique planning firms.

Janice received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from North Carolina State University. She and Max enjoy spending time with their dog Oakley. In her spare time, Janice likes card-making, gardening, scrapbooking and tennis.