Focused Planning

While coordinating all financial disciplines into a complete plan offers a high level of practical application, sometimes we are consulted to solve a single, pressing problem. Such an engagement may involve just one or a few planning areas. For example, answering the question “Can I afford to retire?” typically requires long-term, needs-based modeling, cash flow management, income tax projections, and investment planning.

We offer advice in each of the areas shown below.

Client Centered

Cash Flow Management

Analyze income and expenses to optimize resources and find more investable dollars.

Debt Reduction

Identify debt refinancing or acceleration options. Coordinate with long-term goals.

Income Tax Planning

Consider appropriate tax-savings strategies to aid the wealth accumulation process.

Client Centered

Risk Management

Determine adequacy of existing insurance coverage for life, health, disability and long-term care.

Education Funding

Provide future costs models and creative funding solutions.

Investment Planning

Evaluate current holdings, build portfolios, and recommend strategies consistent with your overall situation.

Client Centered

Retirement Planning

Build realistic long-term, needs-based models to make sure you don't run out of money.

Estate Planning

Emphasize wealth preservation strategies and establish efficient distribution channels.

We believe that financial planning in any form contributes to more informed decision-making. To be sure, even those managing their own affairs could benefit from a “second opinion.”

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