Retirement Readiness

How cloudy are your plans?

To most people, retirement readiness means financial planning. But while the financial piece is mission-critical, the fact is, many other factors will influence the quality of your retirement years. Consider these issues that many aspiring retirees overlook:

  • How will I spend my time?
  • What will be my pursuits?
  • How will I remain active and socially-connected?
  • Will I capitalize on my skills and interests?
  • How will I involve my family and friends, my health care providers and other members of the community to be certain my needs are met?

Many factors must be coordinated to achieve a happy, healthy, and secure retirement. 

At Wrenn Financial Strategies, our comprehensive retirement readiness approach involves both your money and your life. It provides a blueprint to identify, evaluate, prioritize and balance all the components associated with one of life’s greatest personal challenges.

For additional clarity, contact Max or Frances to discuss your retirement readiness.