Investment Management

Client Centered

Making decisions is easy; making good decisions is difficult. Making good investment decisions is especially challenging because it requires careful synthesis of several elements: information, analysis, experience, judgment, and client needs --- on a playing field where the game never stops, the rules change without warning, and almost nothing is guaranteed.

Client Centered

So, what should an investor do? We strongly believe answers lie in a comprehensive, disciplined, systematic approach to advanced portfolio management. Our client-driven process integrates time-tested fundamental investment principles with needs-based planning, which helps us identify “permanent capital” and build more durable portfolios.

Client Centered

Our clients are not speculators or day-traders. They are prudent investors with definitive goals who understand the key to successful money management is a disciplined approach. For serious money, it’s simply the right move.

Our Investment Management Process


Personal Circumstances

Identify your needs, goals, time horizon, overall financial situation.

Market Expectations

Understand your investment philosophy, risk tolerance, expected rate of return, special instructions (if any).

Investment Policy Statement

Provide a framework for structuring / managing the optimal portfolio for you.


Portfolio Design & Implementation

Combines strategic asset allocation, security selection, execution of trades over time.


Monitor Client Life Events

Changes in health, job or career, unexpected expenses, etc.

Monitor Macro Forces

Capital markets, economic trends, Federal Reserve, political and regulatory environments.

Make Portfolio Adjustments

Strategic, dynamic, and tactical asset allocation.


Reporting & Servicing

Portfolio evaluations, detailed performance provided to you every calendar quarter.

Time-weighted internal rates of return calculated for various timeframes.


Attain Investment Objectives

Contact Max or Frances to discuss if our investment management process is right for you.