Culture (Q & A)

Financial advisors play a key role in people’s lives. At Wrenn Financial Strategies, our structure and approach promote long, meaningful relationships with our clients.

Client Centered

• Describe your fiduciary responsibility to clients. As an RIA, we have a fiduciary duty to act in our clients’ best interests. This is the highest legal standard of care one party can have to another.

• Do you take custody of client funds? No. We use large institutions (Schwab, etc.) to hold and safeguard assets.

• What drives your strong sense of accountability? We are a family-owned firm. So, the buck stops here.

Client Centered

• How do you forge such deep relationships with your clients? We excel at listening! This quality is critical to data-gathering because it correlates with our ability to deliver the best advice and recommendations.

• Describe your overall financial philosophy. We are opportunistic within a conservative framework. Long-term planning models are framed with reasonable assumptions. Client investment portfolios are managed in strict compliance with proven fundamental principles.

• What gives you such a broad financial perspective? As CFPs, we are trained to see the client’s “big picture.” Our planning process involves integrating all aspects of a client’s financial life. This way, we discover the best solutions and contribute to intelligent decision-making.

Client Centered

• How transparent are your practices/methods? Transparency is very important. We emphasize client education to ensure that all advice and recommendations are clearly understood.

• How are your planning and investment management services coordinated for clients? They are ongoing processes that fit together naturally. Planning is a life journey, and so is investment management (no one wants to run out of money). Therefore, we believe investment management is most effective when done with a planning mentality.

• How personalized are your services? Highly. There are no cookie-cutters for what we do. Each client presents us with a unique set of circumstances, which requires custom-tailored planning and investment management.

  • Discuss your strategic alliances. We are a boutique shop, but well-connected. Our network of planning and investment professionals is always ready to assist us with complex problem-solving or specialty services. In addition, independent custodians provide important infrastructure services for us.

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