Clients pay fees for our time and expertise. We work solely for them. As an independent RIA, we are structured to do what is best for our clients. Our mission is to provide solid and unbiased advice, not to sell financial products. Sophisticated investors typically prefer the fee (vs. commission) relationship.


We know the world of modern financial management. For decades, we have been part of the financial community – researching, creating, advising and applying the tools, techniques and strategies – to help our clients reach their goals.

The economic and market cycles we have experienced over the years have prepared us for today’s complex and infinitely challenging environment. When it comes to serious money, experience matters.


A disciplined approach is absolutely essential to build, grow, and retain wealth over the long run.

Our personalized strategies serve as roadmaps for goal achievement. But personal circumstances change over time, and so do capital markets. We structure plans and portfolios with the flexibility to accommodate change. We make adjustments to stay on course, always mindful of the client’s objectives.

The alternative to a disciplined approach is subjecting long-term financial security to chance or “winging it,” which simply isn’t prudent.


We enjoy deep-rooted personal relationships with our clients. Their goals are our goals. We serve no other master.

We strive to provide the best solutions consistent with each client’s needs and comfort level. To this end, our planning and portfolio modeling often become complex. Yet our meticulous approach and attention-to-detail normally add considerable value.

Knowing we have made a positive impact on someone’s life is indeed the most satisfying part of our work.