Comprehensive Planning

Client Centered

A wise friend once said “Financial planning is the greatest myth of our time. It makes for interesting discussions at cocktail parties, but few planners understand it and even fewer practice it.” The harsh result is a maze of cookie-cutter plans with predictable recommendations, theoretical models out-of-touch with reality, and salespeople peddling financial products.

At Wrenn Financial Strategies, our comprehensive financial plans are custom-tailored to meet each client’s particular circumstances. Complete plans coordinate goal definition, cash flow management, debt reduction, income tax planning, retirement planning, education funding, investment planning, risk management, and estate conservation and distribution.

There you have it – a one-size-fits-one roadmap to wealth creation and management. It’s your move!

Our Comprehensive Planning Process


Data Collection Interview

We inventory your documents, collect data, and listen carefully.


Analyze Present Position

We gain perspective and launch number-crunching.

Identify & Evaluate Alternatives

We explore possibilities and unlock potential.

Develop & Coordinate Recommendations

We find the best solutions.


Plan Presentation

Interactive session: We emphasize client education.

Plan Execution

You choose the approach. We are available to help.


Monitor & Measure Progress

Markets, economy, and regulatory changes.

Reconfirm Goals

Personal circumstances change.

Review & Revise

Planning is a journey, not a destination.


Goal Achievement

Process transforms your goals into realities.

Contact Max or Frances to discuss if our comprehensive planning services are right for you.